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Heyyyy I'm Johanna!

Like Yo! Hanna. But more elegant. I'm a free spirited, adventurer and story creator, dancing with infinite intelligence... living a beautiful life I created with my daughters in Vancouver and showing you how to write your own story,

I help online entrepreneurs leverage digital marketing to monetize their assets and diversify their income while creating more time freedom and financial stability.

I teach you tangible skills, driven by theory with a twist of the laws of the Universe to help you manifest results in your business and build a life you love.

I bring with me 25 years of experience as an Entrepreneur and Marketer, 12 years in Digital Marketing and making money online, and a lot of heart as a woman who loves to challenge the status quo, test the limits, and help set more people free from living in the confines of the matrix.

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I love the way you look at everything and the knowledge you have, and I feel very understood by you. I feel very confident you know about this industry and you just know youre stuff. I feel very held professionally by you and I can't say I've ever felt that way by any professional I've hired. Thank you for what you do and for really understanding what it is I'm needing. You really get it.

Janna Lemur

Healer, Speaker, Author

Johanna is an awesome trainer and always knows how to simpligy things. my verbiage with customers and leads, and my presentation skills have improved dramatically thanks to her coaching and trainings. Plus I learnd so mujch about where to find qualified leads to talk to daily with her method of operation. This is GOLD! Learning from Johanna is a pleasure and very valuable.

Thierry Alexandre, UK/FR

Digital Marketer

I came to a point where i felt lost and overwhelmed! I knew that people were growing these very successful business online and it really aligned with me. I came across one of Johanna’s lives on Facebook and found the information so helpful, so decided to do some coaching. Johanna is so personable has such a way to make what felt like such a scary jump for me growing online , totally doable.

Megan Gifford

Network Marketing

Johanna consistently delivers value and is a genuine, authentic coach and leader. She knows what she is talking about because she's tried it all and she's been doing this for years. Thanks for your great tips to help me grow my business online!

Leslie Ng, CA

Environmentalist and Health Coach

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